What is covered under Sub-Zero/Wolf warranties?

Sub-Zero warranty summary:

Wolf warranty summary:

Note: Always refer to your service manuals or call Sub-Zero/Wolf Customer Care 800-222-7820 or visit Subzero.com for specific warranty information.

Non residential installations have more limited warranties (office, yacht, etc).

Asko Warranty Summary:

What if my Sub-Zero product is flashing “Vacuum Condenser” or “Service”?

If your unit is flashing “Vacuum Condenser” or “Service” the main control board has registered unusually long run times on your product.

If this occurs, one cause can be a dirty condenser. The condenser should be cleaned regularly. If it has been more than six months since the condenser has been vacuumed; clean immediately, then turn your unit off and back on.

By cycling off your unit this message should be cleared. If your condenser is already clean or the “Vacuum Condenser” or “Service” message returns, call for service, there is a problem.

Note: For help with cleaning the condenser on your specific unit, refer to your owner’s manual or call Sub-Zero Customer Care 800-222-7820 or visit Subzero.com.

What if the electronic controls on my Sub-Zero/Wolf/Asko product are not responding?

On rare occasions electronics can lock up. We have all experienced this with our computers. If this occurs it can often be resolved by cycling off (re-booting) your unit at your house electrical panel. Cycle off your circuit breaker to the unit; then cycle back on to re-boot.

What information should I provide when calling for service?

In addition to address and phone number, it is a good idea to have model/serial numbers and date of purchase of the Sub-Zero/Wolf/Asko product needing assistance. Also provide the article number for Asko products.

Why is factory service better than non factory service:

Factory trained servicers get hands on training on all Sub-Zero/Wolf products the first year the products are released.

Factory servicers work on Sub-Zero/Wolf products for two years while the products are under the manufacturer’s warranty. This allows the factory servicers to be extremely knowledgeable about your Sub-Zero/Wolf product.

If your product needs a part to resolve your service problem, that part may have an extended part warranty. Your factory certified servicer will know this and make sure you get any warranty help that is available on your product.